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In 2015, Milan will host the Universal Exposition, Expo 2015, titled “Feeding the planet, energy for life”. As the 2014 International Metropolis conference takes place one year ahead, it is to introduce Expo 2015 and to emphasize the significance of movements of people in the early years of this new millennium. That is, movement of persons is a fact, a distinctive element of a henceforth international society. Despite the challenges posed by the management of such movements in terms of flows, integration or else social cohesion, the Metropolis project recognizes the opportunities diversity represents. Acknowledging the centrality and plurality of cultures, the conference wants to highlight the contribution in terms of energy and wealth that migrations bring about.

Welcome to Milan

The 2014 International Metropolis Conference will be held in the world capital of fashion and design: Milan. Over the last decades, Milan has also become the most multi-ethnic Italian city with more than 440 thousands migrants within its province. Two elements which make the conference not only a unique chance to deepen migration-related themes but also an opportunity to discover the treasures the city holds as well as the most beautiful places of Lombardy. During the five days of the conference, participants will have the possibility to enjoy organized guided visits and social events.

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  • 08/04/2014

    Registration for the Conference is now open!

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    The deadline for the submission of workshop proposals and individual papers has been extended!

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    Conference fees are avalaible online

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  • 01/01/2014

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    In order to participate actively to Metropolis 2014, we invite you to propose your workshops or individual papers.

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